Anti Ragging committee

1. F.No.37-3/Legal/AICTE/2009 Dated 01/07/2009.

2. Judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court in University of Kerala vs Council, Principal's colleges, Kerala(Civil Appeal NO.887 of 2009)

3. Letter No./16/DLSA dated 20/12/2016 of District Legal Services

As per reference 1 St and 2 nd cited above, Anti Ragging Committe is reconstitued with the following members.

Sl.No Name Status Mobile No Email
1 Smt. Bindu P S, Principal -Chairman nill nill
2 Smt. Jaya J B HOD in Electronics Engineering nill nill
3 Sri. Vinod E HOD in computer Engineering nill nill
4 Smt. Thajbee P M HOD in Computer Hardware Engineering nill nill
5 Sri. Girish Kumar M Senior Superintendent nill nill
6 Smt. Suni Albert Vice President, Kaduthuruthy Grama Panchayath nill nill
7 Sri. Rajeev J S I of Police nill nill
8 Sri. Thankachan Parent of First Year student nill nill
9 Smt. Biji Ullas Parent of First Year student nill nill
10 Sri. Madhu PTA Vice President nill nill
11 Sri. Prasanth Deshabhimani ( Media representative ) nill nill
12 Sri. Anoop Mathew Mathrubhumi ( Media representative ) nill nill
13 Sri. Vishnu K Devassy First year Computer Engineering Student nill nill
14 Kum. Vismaya T V First year Electronics Engineering Student nill nill
15 Sri. Sabari Gopal First year Computer Hardware Engineering Student nill nill
16 Sri. Abindev S Student Union Chairman nill nill
17 Dr. Jayachandran P S Asst. Prof. In Physics nill nill
18 Sri. Sureshkumar M K Workshop Foreman nill nill